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ED: Peace effort taking momentum

Quest for peace has been underway since years back when the Taliban insurgents remerged in more brutal way with intensification of attacking security forces, and military installations that besides security forces, civilian also sustained casualties. Though the Taliban have failed to gain their nefarious designs by use of violence and terror, but it particularly has remained hurdler in front of peace. It has been four decades now that Afghanistan is burning into flame of war, where the Afghan masses have been fed up with the ongoing situation and wants peace to be achieved no matter from which channels, sources or countries. Afghanistan is an impartial country and remained neutral through its history, thus today, when the country needs help to restore peace and stability, the government and the people of Afghanistan have no problem that which country comes to the fore to enlighten the country’s roads, mountains and streets with the light of peace. High hopes have been painted over recent Moscow conference that brought Kabul and Taliban representatives together in one table. With the first step towards peace, now the United States and Russia plus international community and regional countries, to must have joined forces to advance peace talks. Washington-Moscow nexus on the ailing reconciliation endeavor could establish the foundation of a peaceful Afghanistan. Moscow conference can be taken as significant step towards mobilization of international and regional cooperation towards furthering the Afghan peace quest. 17 years has been passed from US mission of war on terror. During this period, neither Taliban removed, nor peace maintained, but reversely war has been intensified with more bloodshed. What went wrong that the US failed to achieve peace—maybe wrong polices, especially ignoring the sanctuaries beyond the Afghan soil. Also turning into doubt the confidence and cooperation of major powers in the region in Afghanistan was another blunder. Bluntly speaking, US failed militarily, but it has launched a new peace process with the Taliban by the appointment of Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad which wholeheartedly welcomed. Hope for peace is very much higher than any time before as US and Russia is on the same boat in Afghanistan that defiantly yields positive result that finally end the longest war that claims the live of Afghans—both ‘military and civilian’ and that in dozens on daily basis.

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