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ED: Peace in the offing

With participation of US officials in the peace conference on Afghanistan in Moscow, the Russian capital and attendance of the Afghan High Peace Council’s delegation and the Taliban group’s representatives—a new hope has been emerged to end Afghan conflict through dialogues. Moscow summit on peace in Afghanistan is getting momentum where it can help bring peace in Afghanistan. Beside US and Afghanistan, delegates from Qatar Political Office of Taliban are also attended the Conference on Afghanistan- a move what Russian authorities call to pull Afghanistan and its people out of existing crises. Russian Federation also extended invitation to other stakeholders like Iran, Pakistan, India, China and five Central Asian Republics. Ironic to mention that Afghanistan Government of President Ashraf Ghani has made certain reservations over the moot and on such grounds, it expressed inability of didn’t attending it officially. However, the High Peace delegates likely to perform as observers for the Afghan government. Whatever might be reservations and apprehensions of the Afghan government and leadership from different politico-religious, social and tribal groups but no one can neglect importances of dialogues. Such International conferences and get together could be considered a way towards Intra-Afghan dialogue without any external involvement and pressure. Whenever the Afghans set together and exchange views on their internal problems, particularly outcomes of imposed wars and hostilities and continuous foreign interference in their internal affairs, they could be in a better position of building up consensus on its resolutions. But unfortunately since a long in general and after US decision of ending field operation in 2014, Afghanistan is facing very crystal clear interference in their affairs. No one can disagree that US has own intensions and designs from Afghanistan for rest of the region but the US decision of ending field operation enabled the regional and neighbouring countries of resuming its interference for meeting its nefarious designs. Instead of remaining on distance the Afghan government needs to attend the moot as it’s such type of acts benefitting no other than those regional and neighbouring countries who are jubilating alarming war flames and hostilities on the soil of Afghanistan.

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