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ED: Peace is first hope of this year

Last solar year was the bloodiest year for the people of Afghanistan as terrorist activities were witnessed more than any year in the past one and half decade since the US-led invasion that toppled Taliban rule.

Taliban militants intensified attacks on the security forces, government employees and helpless civilians. Besides that, the newly emerged Daesh terrorist group claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people. The most terrible attacks such as suicide bombings among the gathering of the Enlightening Movement protesters, the Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif shrines on the day of Ashura and the recently attack against the 400-bed military hospital was claimed to have been carried out by this brutal group.

This is clear that some foreign hands especially from our eastern neighbor are behind instability in our country, while we (both the government and people) consider them as friends, brothers and sisters and insist for a peaceful co-existence.

Pakistan, unfortunately does not give up sheltering and supporting the armed groups who are against the welfare and prosperity of Afghans.

The former president, Hamid Karzai said in his New Year message that Afghanistan and the region will not be safe unless Pakistan government and particularly its military intelligence stops supporting terrorists and extremists.

Unfortunately, the presence of the US and other NATO-member countries in Afghanistan could not change the situation in the favor of the war-affected people. War, bloodshed and destruction not only decreased during their presence in the past 15 years, but the people are witnessing an increase of violence.

Afghans hoped that the bilateral security pact with the United States would help for the improvement of the situation, but the condition has been deteriorating since the pact was signed in 2014. Now the Afghan masses are in deep uncertainty and don’t know how and with the help of which country, violence and bloodshed will end?

Our respectful international allies are requested to adopt a clear position to the situation of our country. As their aim and promise to us is to remove terrorism from Afghanistan, they should put their promise in action.

Beside the fact that peace to Afghanistan comes through Pakistan, the other regional countries like Iran, Russia, China and India can also play important roles in this regard.

People of Afghanistan are really exhausted with this war of attrition and their first hope for the new year is a lasting peace and stability. Only in a peaceful situation, we can live, develop and solve our differences.

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