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ED: Peace is possible

The Afghan masses believe that peace is possible, if the conflict party believes in it. In conflict areas worldwide local people are building peace. Stopping violence, saving lives, and healing shattered communities. Those militants who are shunning violence would not be alone, as thousands of people in Afghanistan would stand by them. The Afghan commoners have always stood up for peace and showed that these renounced militants are not alone. You can make a difference today by standing up for peace and renouncing violence. Always there is time to join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process.  Afghanistan can have bright future, but it has to start with political reconciliation.  The door of peace would always be kept open, amid hopes that a widely-anticipated peace deal with a key insurgent group might ease security challenges by encouraging others fighting alongside the Taliban to join the peace process. The High Peace Council has made tireless efforts to convince conflict party to lay down arms and nod of peace talks with the government. These efforts were not wasted. It is very hard to do peace with conflict party, but it is not possible. None was imagining that the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan would accept peace deal with the government. But they group did.   It is hoped that Gulbuddin Hekmatayr’s arrival in Kabul encourages the wider public believe that peace in Afghanistan is possible. Moreover, the Afghans believes that like HIA, one day Taliban insurgents—the most important element, to also come up to the fore and renounce violence. Taliban insurgents is playing significant role in Afghanistan war, if they (Taliban) shunned violence, war in Afghanistan would be finished. Through joining of HIA party, the war-torn country might have so-call peace, but if Taliban renounced violence, peace in Afghanistan would come 100 percent. We are not ignoring Islamic State (IS), which is also known as Daesh terrorist. But once the Taliban joined the peace process, so, the Afghan security forces would eliminate Daesh terrorists in shortest time. The real problem today is Taliban. The Afghan government and troubled Afghan masses are calling upon all armed opposition groups to come forward, commit to an equitable peace and renounce terrorisms. It is also worth mentioning that we want peace but not a cost of what we achieved in the past 15 years. All achievements gained in the last fifteen years will need to be well observed and respected, particularly concerning transitional justice, human rights—especially women and children’s rights—and media freedom. Peace would definitely lay down positive impact on the already fragile security and economy situation of the country. Peace is only remedy for having a peacefully and stable country.


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