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ED: Peace will prevail only with intention

Peace building, conflict resolution, conflict prevention, whichever term you use, sits uneasily within one particular field, discipline, or government department for that matter. Is it development, foreign policy, diplomacy, defense and security, justice and human rights, any or all of the above? Perhaps it is amazingly surprising to want peace but don’t work for it. Addressing the root elements and drivers of conflict one must understand importance of peace and practically work for its achievement. Sitting in secure places, or afraid of losing power if peace prevails, bringing out the real face of those government officials who were pretending to work for peace while in reality they were seeking their interest in continuation of war. It is a fact that conflicts have multiple drivers, operate as system, are often local and do not stop at state borders. Responses require the influence, resources and commitment of different people and institutions, at different times. President Ashraf Ghani has all the time emphasized on establishment of peace and that in any cost. But primary list of peace negotiators leaked to media speaking differently. Unprofessional people have been appointed even some of them have no idea why the Taliban insurgents are fighting which is part of great game. This team is not inclusive. Peace team must be formed after consultation with key Afghan leaders and influential figures, and most importantly it should be acceptable for the Taliban group to come up to the fore and talk with them behind one table. The team includes two cabinet ministers, Minister Mirwais Balkhi of Education and Minister Hassina Safi of Information and Culture, deputy ministers Dr. Alema of Refugees and Repatriation, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai of Higher Education and Gen Ebadullah Ebad of NDS; a member of the Supreme Court Abdullah Attai, MP Shahgul Rezaee, Ulema Council member Attaullah Ludin, Paktia Governor Shamin Katawzi and MoFA Director of Cultural Affairs Tooryalai Ghiasi. All of them are respectful residents of this country, but it is not enough, peace efforts must be speeded up and no stone should leave in taking advantages from this newly-emerged peace talks after Mosocw peace conference where Taliban members for the first time appeared before media. In a single mistake, the peace talks can be spoiled. At the moment there is doubt over intention of government for holding talks with Taliban. To remove such speculation, practical work by organizing meetings of different elders from every segment of Afghan society is a must in order to find a rational way to set with Taliban from a very strong position.


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