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ED: Positive move

In connection with peace efforts and reconciliation in war torn Afghanistan, parlays amongst various stake holders, especially intra-Afghan dialogues are commencing at Doha, capital of Qatar from second week of April. In first phase, the US special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad is landing at Doha on April 8th and he will be joined by leading politicians including former Jihadi leaders and parliamentarians on April 15th. Beside others former President Hamid Karzai is top one amongst the Afghans who is making extra ordinary efforts for making fruitful the move first of its nature in Qatar and second after Moscow held in early days of previous February. The Qatar government has extended invitation to leaders and representatives from different groups aimed at “enabling the Afghans” to help in resolving of issues in according to their own rich traditions. The Afghan government has also been invited to attend the conference. Ironic, Unity Government President Ashraf Ghani has expressed certain reservations over the moot and his reservations might have addressed in his crucial but important meeting with ex-President Hamid Karzai and others at Kabul on Saturday. Earlier in Moscow, the Afghan leadership minus government representatives headed by ex-President Hamid Karzai have held first ever direct talks with Taliban representatives. And now it is not yet clear that wither Qatar based Taliban leaders will go for shaking hands and talks with the government representatives or not. But during coming two days parlays there is a possibility of “developing an understanding” amongst the leadership regarding future destiny of war-stricken motherland. So far in previous over 20-days prolong talks between Taliban leaders and Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, the two sides agreed on declaration of ceasefire and an end to every sort of terror and violence and pull out schedule of US troops from Afghanistan. This time, induction of Taliban into main stream of political process might be on top of talks agenda. Though almost Afghans have time and again made reservations over the proposal of “interim government,” and their reservations earned endorsement when Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had shown pleasure over what he claimed, “transfer of power to Pakistan choice interim government in Kabul.” Now almost Afghans are unhappy with such words and reluctant to back the interim set up. But there is no option else transfer of power to the interim or consensus government in the wake of frequent delay in holding of Presidential elections as well as prolong delay in results of parliamentary elections in several provinces. Unlike of recent past, Afghanistan once again went back to worst kind era of dis-trust whereas no anyone amongst the top politicians, tribal chieftains, and intellectuals trusting each other. And the only way out is “approaching the traditional Loya Jirga,” which might be helpful not only for making consensus regarding induction of Taliban leaders into the political process but also towards addressing anomalies in the constitution through amendments and tackling the one sided act of neighbouring Pakistan regarding fencing of the controversial Durand Line. 

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