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ED: Prevalent corruption 

Corruption in Afghanistan is a widespread and growing problem that has been eating our infrastructures on daily basis. Afghanistan has been named among most corrupted countries in the world. However, some other countries are also in this drift. Corruption is rampant in the country, and one of the worst manifestations of graft is illegal land grabbing and administrative corruption. Corruption is the main hurled after war to the wellbeing, stability and tranquility of the war-hit country. Despite showering of billions of dollars in aid, but this aid flooding did not transform the lives of Afghan masse as much as expected. The money wasted because of deadly corruption in government institutions. Poverty has already reached at boiling point, and the unemployment has hit to the unprecedented level. The brain drain from the country was also due to insecurity, poverty, and unemployment. Undoubtedly, corruption is the core reason behind this. Since 2002 the country remained riddled with corruption. It is difficult to simply explain the rate of corruption, but if there is will, the government could solve it. It is hard to end corruption in one night, but it is also not impossible to end with in period of time. Tackling corruption is the only way toward stability. Corrupt officials have already siphoned millions of dollars from international donors to their own pockets.  This evil practice has attributed to have weak institutions. Decades of corruption allowed officials to fill their private account with government funds. Favoritism and nepotism is another corruption where at eyes of corrupt officials is the right thing to do. Like administrative, judicial corruption is also endemic problem in the country, affected every level of the legal system. Again the corrupt justice is able to line their pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars from defendants for favorable decision. As whole, corruption is a deadly disease that must be eliminated through any ways and means. Corruption in security bodies is too very much annoying. The ministry of defense informed that Lt. Gen. Mohammad Moeen Faqir, former commander of the 215 Maiwand Corps, has been arrested in connection of corruption and embezzlement. Moreover, 1,394 Afghan National Army personals have been sacked has part of reform in recent months, where dismissed personnel includes 946 army officer, 230 financiers, and 209 contract officials. Such massive corruption is behind imagination. We should not forget that unaccountable and overpaid agents, unfair appointments and promotions, and other forms of corruption have put Afghan security forces lives at risk. Our brave Afghan security forces are in battlefield in defending our motherland, but corrupt officials robbing their privileges to boost up its private property. The crystal example is when Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction revealed that commanders in Afghan military steal the food and force their soldiers to buy it back. Even they steal the fuel, and sell it to the Taliban insurgents. Now corruption has turned into a practice culture, and the government must eliminate it for the sake of the country, and send behind bars officials from zero to hero who found guilty of doing such.


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