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ED: Ramadan and price hike

We are at the advent of holy month of Ramadan. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it holds immense importance. The holy month teaches us about patience, compassion, unity, peace and forgiveness. This is the core reason behind Ramadan and this should be followed in true letter and spirit.  Ramadan is considered an opportunity to cleanse sins, but it is also bringing and added burden in Afghanistan as food prices spikes during this month of fasting, making it more difficult for the Afghans to endow with a good meals to break the fast. Due to poverty and price hike in essential items, many people will face obscurity and unfortunately, the trader who import foodstuff store them and then rise the prices at the beginning of Ramadan which is totally injustice and unforgivable crime. One of the greatest messages of this holy month is to signify everyone’s responsibility to provide facilities to the people, and prevent any move which hurts fasting people. There is no denying to the fact that most of Afghan masses are living under poverty and joblessness. But the problem of price hike is getting double every year, thus, the government has to come up to the fore to prevent the price hike this time. Thursday will be the first day of Ramadan, but price of essential items have already soared. Relevant officials have to pay full attention in this regard and make further effort in reduction of the price of foodstuffs in markets as most of the masses are poor and can’t buy foodstuffs with higher prices. The government must launch crackdown against hoarder who are responsible for price hike. Since Ramadan is month of contributions and hospitality, the government and the Afghan businessmen should announce special packages with relievable prices, and even distribute food and other essential items free of cost to the poor people instead of price hiking. We are one day far from Ramadan, but prices of different commodities such as flour, rice, sugar, oil, vegetable, and fruits are already high. It is highly recommending to the Afghan businessmen to trim down prices if they see Ramadan as the blessings month. It is worth mentioning that in other Muslim countries, traders are bringing down essential items prices to lowest level to serve their poor people, and surely get fully benefit from this Holy Month. Happy Ramadan to everyone in advance—prays from the court of the Allah the Almighty that this month brings peace, and stability in our motherland.


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