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Hafiz Saeed speaks with supporters after attending Friday Prayers in Lahore, Pakistan November 24, 2017. REUTERS/Mohsin Raza

ED: Re-arrest Hafiz Saeed

The release of Hafiz Saeed, head of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is very much dismal, and the Pakistani court allowed the devil in human shape to walk to the streets again and mastermind more nefarious designs. From the outset, his arrest was a deceitful act just to give some sorts of justification to the fierce global criticism of LeT’s role in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, stationed in Pakistan. His release left no doubt about the fact that Pakistani government is still in the driving seat of supporting and harboring various terrorist outfits. It is like open book to all that Pakistan is the Godfather of terrorist groups and the country has the history of doing less to gain more from backing these outfits. There is no denying that Pakistan army and intelligence are the masterminds of the ongoing bloody conflict and violence in Afghanistan and in parts of the wider region. But this time Pakistan—the hostile neighbor gone too far and turned from state sponsor of terror to state run by terrorists—the very vicious groups that killing Afghan and foreign forces, and already undermined US mission in Afghanistan to highest level. Saeed’s release unveiled facts of change in domestic political landscape in Pakistan with speculation more of terror games and totally dangerous for the region countries. It is time for the regional countries to stand against Pakistan for the release of terrorist leader. We expect no serious action from Pakistan officials as they are behind these terrorist groups. It is irrational to pin hope on them, but international community and the regional countries can do much more. Powerful counties have to come up to the fore before the flame of insecurity reach their country and that time the matter of if would not work. Today we should work to stable tomorrow. Fortunately, US threatened Pakistan with impact on bilateral ties if Hafiz Saeed is not re-arrested. The White House statement reiterated the US President’s commitment in fighting terrorism and the constructive role that Pakistan should play. In a major blow to Pakistan, the US warned Islamabad of repercussions on US-Pak ties if 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack mastermind and Chief LeT, is not re-arrested. The interesting point is that Saeed got a hero’s welcome after his release. Moreover, he gave a sermon at the Jamia al Qadsia Masjid in Lahore of Pakistan the very same day. This is very headache with deadly outcomes. None knows when Saeed design another Mumbai-like terror attack in other parts of the region or to India itself. His release already sent a deeply troubling message, showing Pakistan attitude that still doing nothing to combat international terrorism, reversely, Pakistan still in the line of its strategy depth with indication to never stop providing sanctuaries for terrorists on its soil. So the conventional wisdom suggest that regional counties have to come under one umbrella and countries that continue to support terrorist organizations have to be confronted. No more room and space should be given for such states.

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