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ED: Region should help peace efforts

Different problems, mostly important the people of Afghanistan are facing for decades is now going to become an ordinary matter for those who think this is “an insider problem” that should be solved by themselves. Some of the powers that are involved in the Afghanistan issues and have military presence here since the beginning of the current century, wrongly think that the Afghan problems could be solved just when they send more troops here and keep the war flaming. Both the people of Afghanistan and the world now know that the problem was not solved through military choice in the past 16 years and the NATO-led international alliance did not have considerable gains to give the Afghan hope for a secure tomorrow. The war was intensified in the areas the militants had control and was expanded to the once very safe and calm areas, Taliban got more power with launching deadly attacks against civilians and security forces. The security forces are still in defensive positions and are yet to be equipped as expected to launch offensive operations, our army and police are suffering more casualties, and more ground is falling to insurgents where they encourage villagers to cultivate poppy.

These issues tell us that the problem Afghanistan is facing is not an insider issue and could not be solved through increasing military presence either. If the United States and its coalition wanted to get objectives by military, why did they end their combat mission? If they understood that continuation of war was not the right choice, why are they planning to resend their soldiers?

The new strategy approved by the US government is not in the benefit of Afghans at all, but will intensify the war and will cause the death, injury, displacement and migration of more people in addition to cause death of more foreign troops.

The United States and European countries as the major countries involved in our affairs, should not be the single ones making decision, but should allow the regional countries especially Iran, Russia and China that are our immediate neighbors. This is not correct that one of the regional states be encouraged to take part in the peace efforts and the other be kept in the sidelines. This will raise negative sensitivities and will cause another confrontation in the region.

To be honest in helping Afghanistan become a peaceful country, a regional consensus plus the world powers is needed. Through comprehensive meetings, Afghanistan’s problems will be solved and the region will not witness new rivalries. This is in the benefit of Afghans, the region and the international community.


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