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ED: Resignation is not a good excuse

Do our security institutions have been failed on many counts? Let’s not forget that Afghanistan is in the throes of a multidimensional war, with new tactics. The Taliban insurgents, and the Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist group are at the headlines. There are 20 terrorist groups have been operating in the country, but Taliban, and Daesh militants are the dangerous one. Noting this, it is crucial for security organizations to put its own institutions in order, instead of blaming the enemies for carrying such a complex attack. It is unfair not to acknowledge its failure by saying that the enemies are using new tactics to carry out evil designs, which defiantly not help control the situation. Enemies are the enemy. They (enemies) have been trying level best with support by some regional countries to target key security institutions. It is a clear fact that the Taliban insurgents and other militant outfits are hell-bent on killing our brave Afghan security forces through any ways and means. They (enemies) already have lost influence to fight security forces face-to-face in battlegrounds, that’s why they’re carrying out covert attacks. There is record increase of violence in Afghanistan and the Taliban insurgents have expanded their nefarious assaults. They’re recent one on the Afghan National Army’s 209th Shaheen Corps Headquarters in northern Balkh province was the most bloodiest since their ouster. More than 130 soldiers were killed on Friday after the Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers in military uniforms stormed the Shaheen Corps. Over 60 others were received injuries. Soldiers were killed at time when offering Friday prayers. It was the biggest tragic ever. It was a heartrending incident. The Afghan masses nationwide have been mourned the loss of their real heroes. Certainly, the security forces are our pride. Without them we are nothing. Afghanistan could have not last a week without strong resistance of the Afghan security forces against conspires of the enemies backed by some regional intelligence agency. But at the same time it is very important for the National Unity Government to find out whether it was security failure or negligence committed by the related officials. At the keen-jerk reaction, Defense Minister, Abdullah Habibi, and the Army Chief of Staff, Qadam Shah Shahim have resigned from their positions with freewill. They tendered their resignation for the country’s national interests. This comes in the wake of two major attacks against military installations in the past few weeks. Here it needs to be tinted that resignation could not change situation 100 percent. At the outset it was important to get a clear picture of what happened in military corps. Resignation is not a good excuse.  We are looking toward defense ministry to detain officials who committed negligence or have been involved directly in the attack. It is worth mentioning that Afghan security forces are the backbone of this war-hit country, and any sort of recklessness toward them is not acceptable, rather it is a big and unforgivable crime.


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