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ED: Return grabbed lands

Once again fear on the endemic corruption, particularly, over the issue of land-grabbing by powerful figures has been escalated as officials showed concern over the evil practice of land-grabbing. Before to jump to other outlook, hereby, asking straightly the land mafias to return the stolen lands, as nothing is worse than robber on the very daylight. Without bend or curve you (land mafia) is claiming something which is not yours by law. After the fall of the Taliban regime, land value has increased dramatically, but doesn’t mean you (land mafia) to grab lands to run lucrative business. But, keep in mind that this is black earnings. The worst of worst is when you allege over something which is not yours. It is crystal clear that mostly the land grabbing is done by powerful figures. Ordinary Afghan masses event don’t think of it. Without backing it is not possible. It indicates that there are some officials within the government supporting those involved in land grabbing—something needs to be ended as soon as possible. Apart from fragile security and economic situation, the issue of land grabbing is another headache for the Afghans, and surely the leaders of the NUG also suffering from current corruption that land grabbing is one of its part. The NUG is committed to sincerely fight against corruption, but the level is too high that despite so many efforts, the menace still seems untapped. Several achievements over corruption have been made, but sill much more required to fully clean Afghanistan from corruption and corrupted people. We truly appreciate anti-corruption efforts of the government and value it because the first drop of rain is matter—so we have floods of corrupt people, disparately waiting for their removal via lens of fighting corruption. Thoroughly, land grabbing is adding to the miseries of the middle and lower classes that spent the saving of their lives to buy a small piece of land. A very productive measure has to be adopted in this regard. Justice Ministry seriously showed concern, saying the unity government has so far not succeeded to prevent land grabbing by powerful individuals in the country. Although the ministry hinted toward some achievements as they prevented people from grabbing of 7,200 hectares of state-owned, and saved land and property worth over $609 million, more than 2.4 billion Afghanis during this period. Meanwhile, officials from the Law Enforcement Institute claimed rule of law has been strengthened, and registration law would help to overcome endemic corruption in public offices. Anyways, the outcome will be soon making public, better to put justice on that time. But surely, when there is strong law, corruption would erase, no matter how much the size is. At the same time it is our duty to help our government, amid at jointly putting a full stop to the established practice of land grabbing in our country.


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