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ED: Right or wrong

During an event marking Mujahidin’s 25th Victory Day, the president Ashraf Ghani said that the holy warriors had rendered sacrifices for the liberation of Afghanistan and creation of a government that represented the masses. The history would not forget Mujahidin’s sacrifices in liberating this country. At the same time it truly indicated that ruling the people by force come to an end. Noting this, armed militants should bear in mind that they could not win the war by fighting. Afghanistan is an independent country, and any sort of aggression by any names and groups is not acceptable. The Afghan masses would defend their country at cost of bloods—it has been proved. No doubt that the victory is ours in the ongoing war, because every Afghan aspired for a peaceful life and a bright future. This is would not be exaggeration to say that we already win the war because we have strong wings of the Afghan security forces—that chase and kill them in every valley and mountain of the country. The brave security forces have already proved bitter taste for the militants. Moreover, the arrival of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hazb-e-Islami Afghanistan, could be taken as a great slap to the face of Taliban and Daesh militants. Hekmatyar himself called on Taliban to join the peace caravan and stop the pointless, meaningless and unholy war. It was his first public speech since signing a peace deal with the government. Hekmatyar, who was blacklisted by the United Nations in 2003, returned to Afghanistan after the UN removed his name from the list of most wanted IS, and Al-Qaeda terrorist in February 2017. There is some difference in views regarding him. Some says his return will compound the culture of impunity and also terming the deal an affront to victims of violence. Whether this move is right or wrong is not a matter of discussion, but we want is to have peace and stability by any ways and means. Putting glance at his speech, it generates hope. His call on Taliban is one way forward toward win in the current war. His speech reflects the truth that he totally believes in peace as he underscored the need for peaceful transition of power, saying neither a single bullet should be fired nor a drop of blood spilled in the future. Such speech is very much encouraging. We hope he translates his speech into reality, and stand should to shoulder with the government in fight against insurgents. The Afghan masses are taking his arrival as good omen toward reaching durable peace and stability in the country.


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