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ED: Ruble is new hope for Taliban

The poor Taliban insurgents are in fragile economic situation as they seek for financial support from Russia. Russia’s envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov told journalists in Moscow that representatives of Russia and the Taliban scoffed at the allegations that Russia has been arming the militant group during their conversation, with the Taliban saying they illegally buy all the weapons they need from the Afghan government and just need money for that. “We laughed with Taliban representatives about it, and I’ll tell you why. They (Taliban) say they wouldn’t mind if we give them weapons, but they don’t need weapons. They (Taliban) say “give us money, we’re buying weapons from the stocks of the Afghan army and police,” Kabulov said, as quoted by The Associated Press. “We established the contacts a few years ago when we became seriously worried about possible terror threats for the Russian mission and Russian Citizens in Afghanistan. It was important for us to clarify the Taliban’s plan regarding our citizens.” Have chosen long quote of Moscow envoy because of readers to get fully knowledge of the Taliban’s fight. They (Taliban) insurgents calming of doing Jihad but with Russian money (Rubles)—where is their Islamic principles now? They (Taliban) claiming to be adherent of Afghan masses, and accusing people of supporting foreigners, but you (Taliban) are getting money from foreigners. The international community is supporting us financially to rebuild our motherland, but you (Taliban) are getting money to destroy it and that also from foreigners. In a very clear sentence, you (Taliban) are doing Jihad with rubles, so here is question is it is legitimate according to the Islamic teachings. We need explanation to see how you justify this? You (Taliban) kill people over allegation of being government employee, or supporter of the foreigners, but here is your (Taliban) seeking support from Russia violating all rules of Islamic teachings, and no one is here to punish you for that crime. If a government employee is a crime at eyes of the Taliban insurgents and against Islam, your (Taliban) receiving money is also a crime. Extortion, drug trafficking is against Islamic teachings—so stop calling yourself a true Muslim. Your (Taliban) nothing but a double faces of evil force which is all legitimate when your interest clash. People setting in Kabul and other provinces are truer Muslims than you (Taliban), at least not killing innocent people in one or other way.


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