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ED: School problem

School student are pursing education in open air which of course it is a great threat to their health, and also they can’t learn anything as they are in an improper environment.

It has very hard to learn that thousands of children at Faiz Mohammad Kateb Primary School in Dasht-e-Barachi of Kabul city, are studying in open air. The students are forced to sit in the dirt on the side of a mountain every day in order to get education. It is very heart-breaking to come to know that despite millions of dollars flooded in the country as aid, still children in Kabul, the capital city and the very nose of the government, have no school buildings nor other facilities. There is no chair, no desks and about 9,000 school students are currently receiving education in an open air. This is very heart-wrenching. To study in a open air is very dangerous for their health, it is not easy to study in the sun. It’s also very much clear that education lover students despite these challenges are attending school. Their intention toward education is very much appreciable. They know that only by education we can steer the country toward development. There is no another way to reach prosperity, but to have an educated society. Their interests going to school and purse education is encouraging, but the problem is that they can get sick. However, according to school teachers land has been allocated for the establishment of a proper school seven years ago. But the question is that why the ministry of education is not constructing school in the land already in hand. The ministry has to take the issue seriously. Their health is really a matter of concern as they are the future maker of this war-hit country. According to teachers, at least 3,000 students have so far left the school because of the lack of facilities. The leaders of the National Unity Government should immediately take action to resolve the problem. It is also worth to be mentioned that this is not only one school as there are countless schools nationwide in the same predicament—either in tents or in the open air. Another bad news is that more than 400,000 children over 1,100 per day are expected to drop out of school this year due to growing instability. This is another problem that the government has to pay heed. Another issues it that third of all children across the country, 3.7 million are unable to go to school, leaving them at increase risk of child labor, recruitment by armed groups, trafficking, early marriage and other forms of exploitation. The government has to look in these issues. These challenges have to be resolved by the government, and if reluctant made it would be great treachery against schoolchildren.

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