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ED: Security forces are able to defend territory

Our security forces (the national army, national police and the intelligence agency) are undoubtedly able to defend their national sovereignty as they have frequently proved it since different wars have been imposed on our country.

In the route of the history when our country came under attacks and invasions from foreign enemies, these (security forces) were the sons of this soil who made themselves as shields against the enemies’ bullets and did not allow them reach their goals by pushing them back. The current war that is obviously architected in abroad and is carried out by some unwise individuals is another exam for the Afghan youth to steadily stand against and defend their homeland.

The enemies of Afghanistan took control of a district in the mountainous central area for less than a week that sparked loud propagandas by their foreign masters’ media that they are gaining ground one after another.

The Taywara district in the deprived province of Ghor witnessed inhumane and anti Islamic atrocity carried out by those who claim that are fighting for Islam. Taliban militants launched massacre in the district and even did not spare attacking health centers and killing patients and doctors during their five-day control of Taywara.

The brave security forces launched a counter-attack to retake the district and drove the militants back in a one-day long operation.

This is the indicator that our soldiers and police are able to defend their country and deprive the enemies to dominate their brothers and sisters if the government leadership pays attention to their needs.

Unfortunately, the lack of well attention by the government authorities has caused the security forces’ casualties and retreat that some areas fell to the enemy.

The government is seriously demanded not to be inattentive to the security forces. The government officials are well aware that the continuation of their rule is related to the security and stability, while stability is ensured when we have an armed, trained and confident army. The foreign countries that have military presence under the pretext of advising and training our security forces should not remain spectators. This is their job and responsibility to help our military and police if they are really here to help Afghan people bring peace to their war-ravaged country. Unfortunately, the assistance of the foreign forces with the Afghan army and police has not been satisfying in the past. Our security forces are still in need of modern arms and equipment, we don’t have a modern air force that is the basic of an army. Our security forces cannot receive their payments on time and even they come under the airstrikes carried out “mistakenly” by their foreign allies.

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