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ED: Sport and peace building

Indeed sport is a unique tool, which has the power to change the world and promote peace—something we, the Afghan massed in dire need off. Through rules, sport puts all participants on an equal footing, and because of this, sport is able to transcend differences. It is an answer to violence and social exclusion as well. In Afghanistan that there is war for more than decades, the Afghan masses have taken sports as one of their tool towards durable peace and stability by putting aside all sort of differences. Since sport conveys a universal message of peace as several countries ended their hostilities through sports, so it is an effective instrument for fighting against social exclusion and restoring dialogue—somewhat we need at most. Not only this, but sport is also a synonymous with education and responsibility that teaches young people strong values that help them grow. It has been for long time that sports have been idealized as a way to heal wounds, and rise above differences among cultures and nations. When we look at the current sport progress in Afghanistan, it indicates that sports can not only transcend politics but pave a path to peace and unity in diversity. The capacity of sport is very unique to unit people as it goes far beyond ethnic or social differences. Moreover, sport highlights the benefits that sport can bring in building national identity. Our great sportsmen introduced Afghanistan’s new face to the world at international platforms. Sport can provide a positive image of the nation to the international community that already proved right in Afghanistan. To further strengthen our unity, season five of Shpageeza Cricket League concluded in Kabul on Friday with Band-e-Amir Dragons defeated Mis Ainak Knights in a thrilling final. Band-e-Amir registered four-run victory in front of a packed crowd at Alokozay Kabul International Cricket Ground to lift SCL trophy for the first time. The good thing is that for the first time international players were part of the league, showing huge progress. However, the enemies of Afghanistan did not digest the development, and wanted to deteriorate through evil acts. However, nothing can stop us from sport progress. At the same time we have football league, which is also a great pride for us. Despite that, the Afghan security forces have made indefatigable efforts to keep security during matches, and we, the Afghan masses truly appreciate their tireless efforts. Without security forces, sport events is almost impossible.

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