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ED: Stirring to end corruption

Obviously, corruption is not taking Afghanistan to anywhere; rather it is possibility to take it toward devastation. Undoubtedly, it is the enemy of development and also makes huge obstacles ahead of good governance and must be eradicated as soon as possible under framework of joint efforts. To achieve this national objective, both the government and the Afghan masses at large have to come up to the fore with comprehensive efforts to end this evil that has been eating our infrastructures on daily basis. There is a need of ending this school of bribery that has been here at almost all institutions. Anyway, don’t think that corruption really out of control. If will is here, corruption can be tackle in shortest time. At the same time, we need to stand firm to fight this sickness called corruption. At first, should not promote corruption. As a nation with intelligent youth, let’s stop allowing corruption and bribery to continue being an integral part of our national experiences. Collectively, let’s say no to corruption and bribery and strive hard to stops it’s further rooting. It is very great news that NATO’s Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan has recently launched an anti-corruption symposium in Herat province. At ceremony, the Afghan and foreign officials called on the international community to support the government in its campaign against the endemic corruption in public offices. Corruption is dangerous as terrorism for the Afghan people. “No doubt, the RS forces support our soldiers in the counterterrorism efforts, and we also need to learn anti-corruption approach because fighting corruption is difficult than combating terrorism,” Herat governor, Mohammad Asif Rahimi told the participants. This is very right, as the National Security Advisor, Mohammad Haneef Atmar recently termed corruption has a serious threat for security agencies, emphasizing for a strong campaign against the menace. “As you (Afghan forces) bravely fight against terrorism, I call on you to fight also against corruption, oppression, robbery and violation of human rights,” Atmar said. To prevent corruption, President Ghani last week said that nominated ministers would be removed from the list if they embraced a money deal with MPs to get votes of condolence. However, this earned reaction from lawmakers, saying President Ghani’s remarks were directed to the members of the parliament and the President insulted parliament by saying such things. Anyway, it would not be good for us to be engaged in game of accusing each other of corruption. If you’re not corrupt, so don’t take it seriously. Let’s put aside all differences as it lead us to nowhere, but to turn situation more complicated. We should understand this that there is no silver bullet for fighting corruption. Many countries have made significant progress in curbing corruption. Moreover, effective law enforcement is essential to ensure the corrupt are punished (that recently we have it) and breaks the cycle of impunity, or freedom from punishment or loss. Recent approach by government to punish the culprits, at somehow has generated hope that one day Afghanistan would be free from corruption and corrupt people.

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