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ED: Stop violence

Every day women are suffering from some form of domestic violence that has extremely damaging effect on their physical and mental well-being. If we talk about violence impact on health, surely it has a wide ranging negative effect as the consequent hormonal changes altered immune system, damage growth and development, digestive and reproductive system. Violence has to be stopped on women. There is a need to improve societal mindset towards women. A combined multi-sectoral approach and awareness of women’s right is the need of the hour in Afghanistan. There are several cases of violence against women recorded in the country. Incident of violence against women have been on the increase in southeastern provinces, especially in Khost province. Zamina Shams, women’s affairs wing in-charge at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) regional office, said 334 incidents of violence against women happened in the southeastern Zone, with 211 taking place only in Khost. The incident included beating, poisoning, killing for honour, injuring, forceful expulsion from homes, underage marriages, suicides, marriage for the sake of money, and deny alimony. It is a fact that poverty, insecurity and low level of education are the core reason behind growing incidents of violence against women. However, the most annoying report of child violence recently emerged in media, in which a child bride, Gul Hazar, who is now believed to be only 12 years old discussed miseries she has faced since got married. She gone through various types of torture from her in-laws family members, even wanted to kill her. 150 signs of torture are visible in her small body. Despite beating, and other form of violence, she was given remaining foods of the dog of the family, to eat. “My father-in-law sent me to mountains to collect fire wood and in return he was giving me the remaining foods of the dog.” This is the worst reports of violence against a child bride, sending shocking across the country as violence remain a critical issue in various remote parts of Afghanistan. However, the husband, father-in-law, and mother-in-law of the girl have been detained by Ghor security officials, but should not escape easily. Life imprisonment must be granted to them in order to be a lesson for others. Moreover, beside the government, it’s the parent’s duty to take care of their children, defend their childhood rights and don’t marry them early. The parent of Gul Hazar is also responsible and must be brought to the book. Certainly, we can reduce violence against women through awareness programs and to do that, the role of Ulema, tribal elders and the media outlets is very much crucial.

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