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ED: Sympathy with bombing victims

A very pathetic terrorist attack in Pakistan made the Afghan people grieved. In a powerful car bomb that ripped through a busy market in Parachinar area of the Kurram Agency, left at least 25 civilians martyred while scores of others were wounded Friday, according to Pakistani media reports. The attack that was claimed by a Pakistani Taliban’s breakaway faction (Jamaat ul Ahrar) could not be justified by any means as it targeted innocent people including women and children. This is an inhumane and anti-Islamic act as the attacker was apparently targeting an Imambargah (a sacred place), where people gather just to pray. This is just a terrorist act. The people of Afghanistan, who are long witnessing terrorist attacks, can realize the pains of their Pakistani brothers and sisters more than any other nations. We condemn such attack that reminds us of thousands of similar tragedies, the very recent one for example, the attack on the 400-bed military hospital that burned the hearts of tens of families by taking the lives of their dear ones. Afghanistan has been long calling for a joint campaign against terrorist networks in the region, asking particularly Islamabad to join hands in this purpose. Terrorism does not know any boundaries and terrorists are the enemies of people from any nation and in any country. Pakistani Prime Minister is right as saying that “It is our responsibility to continue war against terrorists”. War against terrorists should be continued without any condition. Mr. Sharif has also vowed to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan at all costs. However, he should have vowed to eliminate terrorism from the region, because one country cannot be safe when its neighboring one is burning by the flames of terrorism. This is not too late to sincerely kick of fight against terrorism. We can still start an honest campaign to root out this enemy if we really want our people to enjoy a peaceful life. The Afghan people and government are the first ones who will join the battle shoulder in shoulder with the people and government of Pakistan. If Pakistani government is resolute to eliminate terrorists from its territory, first, it needs to close the training camps of terrorists inside its soil, from where, they enter Afghanistan and carry out bloody attacks. The government of Afghanistan has proved its sincerity in war against terrorism in every front, while Pakistan still playing double game. Pakistan has never shunned supporting and harboring militancy. It is worth mentioning that our people deserve a peaceful life and economic development like any other people in the safe countries. So why should we not create such opportunity for them? Once again, we express deep sympathies to the families of the martyred people and hope neither Afghans nor Pakistanis cry for the loss of their dears anymore.


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