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ED: Terrorism elimination needs more efforts

A bomb blast hit a Russian metro station in the Saint Petersburg city. The incident that was reported to have been carried out by a national of the Central Asia linked to the extremist groups was called a ‘terrorist attack’. The Monday attack left 11 civilians killed, while dozens more were injured.

Terrorists that have been carrying out attacks in some regional countries including Afghanistan seem to have expanding their attacks to the safe countries.

The Saint Petersburg attack shocked Russians as Moscow is making efforts in battling terrorism.

As a nation being long affected by terrorism and extremism, Afghans feel the pain of the victims of the Russia attack.

Afghan people and government believe that terrorism does not recognize boundaries and their aim is just to kill people and create an atmosphere of horror in the world.

Also, terrorism is not a single group and all those who target civilians are the enemies of peace and humanism. We need a global campaign against this phenomenon.

The international community should be aware that terrorism is against stability and development of all nations. We would have lived in peace if there was a real combat against terrorism in our region. One decade and half ago, the NATO-international alliance stationed troops in Afghanistan after they ousted Taliban, but our helpless children and women are killed on the daily basis as the result of terrorist attacks. Why? Because, those who have military presence here, do not accept that terrorists’ bases are not in the poverty-stricken villages of Afghanistan. In fact, the people of Afghanistan are killed, injured, displaced and imprisoned for something that is sheltered outside Afghanistan and sent for terrorist attacks here.

Peace is more needed in the world today rather than any other time, because terrorism as a coward enemy is targeting human being not in a face to face war.

In a century that human being hopes to develop and make a calm and happy life, why should we live in a world of fear? We deserve living in a world of hope and leave a prosperity heritage for the next generations.

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