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ED: Violence escalates on new year

Terrorists targeted the farmers gathering at Lashkargah and targeted well respectable elder and Council member at Urazgan on Saturday. Whereas two days ago, the new year, Nawruz Day celebrations marred at Kabul and several other parts of the country. Over one dozen innocents, helpless and peace loving citizens have embraced martyrdom in these violent acts and several other injured. No one knew that till how long the innocent country would suffer for undone sin. From last four decades’ violence, terror, killing and destructions are order of the day. No one can neglect the fact that people of Afghanistan are peaceful, enlightened and known for patience. But unfortunately they fell victims of imposed intrigues and strategic-economic races between the global powers. Unrealistic policies on the part of US led allies of leaving Afghanistan in late 80’s enabled the neighbouring and regional countries of entering into a proxy war on the soil of already so-called cold war affected Afghanistan. However, after 9/11, former President Hamid Karzai and his aides have made successful attempts of putting affairs on its right track. Amidst lacking cooperation from regional and neighbouring countries, Hamid Karzai succeeded in gifting a constitution along with a centralized authority to the country. Through a proper and systematic ways, a plan was evolved for discouraging of internal hostilities and resolutions to war-inherited conflicts through high peace and reconciliation commission. Global community made unprecedented support in reconstruction of war affected infrastructure, revival of devastated economic sectors and rehabilitation of people. But the unity government in its tenure had failed not only in going ahead but even it lost the previous year achievements. Violence and terror now touching its peak and the neighbouring countries succeeded in materializing the dreams inherited by previous colonial rulers. Insecurity and sense of deprivation amongst the country is increasing day by day. It is the time for rulers to take steps towards the right direction which is going to follow the rich traditions of Jirga’s instead of giving negative remarks against peace efforts, US and opposition, the unity government needs to read on the walls as each and every countryman wants peace and peace nothing else.

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