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ED: What is anarchy?

When some individuals or groups take steps or do something that are illegal, against the wish of people and disrupt the society, these measures can lead the society to disorder and let the opportunist persons use the condition to carry out destruction things.

Saturday, September 9, coincided with the death anniversary of former jihadi commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed in 2001 in a suicide attack in the northeastern province of Takhar. Since then, his death anniversary is marked every year and the day is declared as holiday. Massoud’s followers take in the streets driving cars, riding motorbikes with holding flags of the then government which could mean their opposition of the current government system. These people who are mostly young men carry guns and other weapons and fire in the air that cause panic in the society as people fear to get out of their houses. Firing in the air also causes casualties, some people were martyred and injured by the astray bullets in Kabul city.

Certainly this is not what the leaders and organizers of the demonstration want and they want the anniversary be marked peacefully by introducing Massoud and explain what he did to the younger generation. But the overweening young demonstrators refuse to listen to the instructions and cause fear in the city.

Such actions are against the law of an urban place and civilized people who live in the capital city where there are schools, universities, hospitals and other public utilities that need a calm atmosphere.

The disappointing matter is that the demonstrators’ gunfire are carried out just in front of the police and other security forces. These people (security forces) remain spectators and do not anything to prevent the headstrong persons from disrupting people’s lives.

This is intolerable, and the government is responsible to ensure security by punishing the wayward people. Security forces are paid to prevent illegal acts, but they help the violence by sitting neutral.

The birth or death anniversary of someone or other events should be inspiration for people and be a lesson for them. The roads should not be blocked, gun fires should be banned and the weapons should be collected from the armed people and they should be investigated why he carries arms illegally.

If the government and security forces do not make prevention measures, such irregularities would lead the country towards more disorder and this is anarchy.


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