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ED: Will avenge you

When there is a heart-wrenching incident taken place in Afghanistan, officials at different stage thumps their chest for condemnation only. And they slam in strongest possible terms, while the enemies are keeping head toward another inhuman act. Mere condemnation would not cure the pain of the victims. Even, international community, and some embassies within the country are also in this truck of condemning every act of violence. Regional countries are also in this business. Till when, the trend of condemnation could last. Let’s change this to another word, like ‘avenge’. When there is any inhuman act, international community, and regional countries should come up to the fore with speech of avenges, and put weight behind the Afghan government in doing this. Regional countries should help Afghan government in elimination of terrorist, instead of condemnation statements. We should erase world “condemnation” from dictionary. In these more than three decades of war, condemnation words have been used countless. We, the Afghans become fed up with this word and no more buy it. Here is a great proverb as saying, “If you spend your time hoping some will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.” The time is ripe for the government to take revenge before the militants carry out another like Balkh massacre. Over 138 killed, 64 others were received injuries in Shaheen Military Corps attack conducted by the Taliban insurgents. The government should take strong action to eliminate Taliban insurgents. We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged. However, glad tiding is that the National Security Adviser, Mohammad Haneef Atmar has vowed to revenge for the attack on the Shaheen Military Corps in northern Balkh province. “Afghan security forces will take revenge on the Taliban for the barbaric attack.” The first thing that the government could do as revenge is to declare Taliban insurgents as its enemy, rather than political opposition. Those who are fighting against innocent Afghan masses, and security institutions are our enemies. There is no need to show mercy on them. There are some Taliban imprisonments that have been sentenced to death have to be executed as a first step toward revenge. Revenge could be explored in different ways. Execution of Taliban militants would at somehow bring happiness to the bereaved families, who lost their dearest and nearest one. Let’s take revenge as a glad tiding with a hope that Atmar would translate his words into action.



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