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ED: Will militias’ helps bring peace?

Directly or indirectly there are some indications that government and some foreign allies are supporting and favoring making militia group to fight against insurgents and help bring peace and stability in the country. There is considering training and arming 20,000 civilians to fight against insurgents—but there is fear the local forces could become another thuggish militia. The proposal for a government-backed armed group that would protect its own communities from the Taliban and Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist group, could be a wise move especially a time when security forces are struggling to beat back a rampant insurgency. Don’t get it wrong, Afghan security forces have already proved bitter taste to the Taliban insurgents, and other militant outfits with killing dozens of them each day. Militants can’t hide from the iron hand of them ‘security forces’. Our brave and patriotic Afghan security forces have been chasing militants in every valley and mountains across the country. Now militia group also expects to be in line to help them in bringing peace. In September of this year, the Ministry of Defense said that militia would be sent to those areas retaken from militants by the Afghan National Army. “People will be recruited from their respective areas, because they know their region and realize how to keep it secure,” MoD, Spokesman Dawlat Waziri said in that time. “The public forces will not go from one place to another. It is almost the same as the Afghan Local Police, but there is a big difference.” However, he gave no exact number of militant groups, but foreign official has said the new plan is sketched by the US and that the number of the private militia force will reach 20,000, and will be managed by the MoD. Anyways, here is question that does it’s exist would help bring peace and stability, or it become another headache. What is guarantee that today’s pro-government militias could not be tomorrow’s insurgents, or violators of the law? There is also fear that the weapons could be fallen into the wrong hands, likely could become another thuggish group, like Taliban and Daesh terrorists. Surely, the government seems not 100 percent to support this as it could have enormously dangerous consequences to civilians. That’s why this process is going slow. Certainly, there are shortages of security personnel, when lost territories retaken from militants, there is no enough force to hold onto spot. However, instead of militia making, this would be wise to increase number of Afghan security forces to fill the gap. Furthermore, the government knows better how to pullout Afghanistan from conflict, but it is dangerous thing to play with arming civilians. While Afghan government struggling to stem the Taliban and Daesh insurgency, but US military is turning into controversial solutions of local militias. There is no need of lobbing with President Ghani as he knows better what is good for the country. Indeed, there is worry that the force will amplify existing rivalries and be difficult to regulate. It is a fact that strongmen have already begun vying for influence over a militia program—a move can put the country into deep jeopardize.


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