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ED: Worsening security situation

The United Nations in a new report has claimed that the security situation in Afghanistan has recently been worsened, saying that the conflicts between security forces and Taliban militants topped in the year of 2016, is still continuing. The recent terrorist attacks particularly the ones against security organs (police district 6 and military hospital) that left scores of civilians and troops dead and wounded can justify the UN report.

It has recorded 24,000 security incidents last year across the country, showing a five-percent increase comparing to the year of 2105. The report added that 50 percent of the incidents have taken place in the southern and eastern areas. It has also warned against the expansion of the war geography by saying of the increase of Taliban activities in the northern and northeast parts of the country.

The situation is getting worsened at a time that the security forces are facing a new terrorist front (the Daesh terrorist group) which has established bases in the eastern mountainous regions bordering with Pakistan. These areas have hundreds of ways to Pakistan from where undoubtedly terrorists enter Afghanistan soil after being trained in the Pakistani tribal areas just across the border. Photos went viral after the military hospital attack which the Daesh terrorist group claimed its responsibility, showing Pakistani identification cards found in the pockets of the attackers killed by the security forces.

Pakistan is trying to get acquitted by the international community, making conspiracies against Afghanistan to show that terrorists are using Afghan territory. The leadership of Afghanistan needs to have clear relationships with Pakistan. President Ghani is known for being serious in decisions, so he has to take a serious measure against the Islamabad administration. Spring is coming and the war season will restart by the warming of the weather. Security forces who are ready to defend their homeland, should be fully supported by the government. They are reportedly suffering the shortage of weapons and other armaments. You should not expect your bare-handed troops defeat an armed enemy.

Paying attention to the empowerment and well training of the national army and police is not only the responsibility of the government, but it is also the work of our international allies who have frequently promised to help the Afghan army. The NATO-led international coalition is well aware of the problems that Afghan army is facing, but paying less attention. If no, why the Afghan army is still facing shortage of usable and modern arms?

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