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Editorial: a big crime

There is no place in Afghanistan where the Taliban and other militant outfits did no target, and it has been for years that these groups have been engaged in devastation course. The militants have committed numerous of big crimes against the Afghan masses, and still putting no step toward backward. Despite Afghan and foreign security forces, the militants also targeted city dwellers in public and even in holy places such as mosques, shrines, Sufi’s ritual, Quran reciting gatherings, and etc…—taking this into account we can come to know that the militants are the enemy of humanity and Islam. Though they labeled themselves as an adherent of Islam, but at bona fide they (militants) are acting against Islamic teachings.

The militants have never hesitated to produce fear and dread via dense clouds of smokes across the country. The militant outfits have unleashed the floodgates of violence and terror; however violence kills what it intends to create. In short scan, the 2016 was the deadliest year as the militants killed and wounded a large number of civilians. The insurgents have never been sincere with Afghanistan in every front. The object of terrorisms is promoting of terrorisms, and they (militants) even opposed and hampered development projects—an act that has nothing to do their purpose of irrational fight. 6,000 National Solidarity Program (NSP’s) development projects had been brought to a standstill due to insecurity in the past 14 years, posing by the militants.

The purpose of NSP, which had been started in 2003, was to only provide grants of funds directly to village communities, who manage the allocated funds themselves and decide what development projects they need through elected village councils. The facilities of NSP were included irrigation system, construction of roads, schools for girls, development of solar and generator power, water reservation, and etc…—85,000 projects at total cost of $1.5 billion have so far been implemented through NSP nationwide. The NSP would be no more after this. Citizens Charter Program would put shoes into it in April and would cover the whole communities.

Putting a glance to the last year, the Taliban insurgent offered security to mega developmental projects. In a statement, the militant group said that it backs all uplift projects in the country and also provide security to them. The militant showed readiness to support important project, including the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, CASA-1000 electricity transmission line, Mes Aynak cooper mine, highway and railway projects as well as power and agriculture dams.

Nonetheless, this is no more than a wall-type statement, as officials termed militants behind hampering development projects in the country. If it is not so, the militants should come to the fore and provide security for development projects in all areas even under their control. All parties engaged in Afghanistan’s conflict must bear in mind that development projects have no link with political doctrine.

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