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Editorial: A big salute to the brave ANDSF

With no doubt, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have become the pride of the nation for their professionalism and patriotism. The transformation has seen over 19 years of these brave forces are impressive and worth-appreciation. It won’t be wrong to claim they are built with the courage and professionalism of the Afghans themselves and with the support of the US and NATO partners. The Afghan masses leave no stone unturned to praise their valor, commitment and high moral for protecting their people and the motherland. One would be amazed and humble by the incredible dedication, hard work and commitment from the members of the ANDSF. This is the true indication that men and women in uniform are playing their part in the sincerest way in helping to build a better more secure Afghanistan where no threat poses to itself and to the world. Without doubt, they are the backbone of the security and stability in our country. They are considered both – the brave warriors and peacekeepers. They are rendering sacrifice on a daily basis in the fight against terrorist groups. At reality, they are at the front line to battle these evil groups on behalf of the world. They are fighting to keep safe other countries and this title of peacekeeper is not coming out of nothing. Their capability and commitment unprecedented even in the region though still they are lacking modern weaponries and other enablers. But since Afghanistan is in its crucial moment of peacemaking with the Taliban group, rumors are doing rounds to undermine the role of these brave forces. Some say they will be undercut or even subvert and the financial support will also come to a halt. Let’s put rest to these evil rumors that the ANDSF are not a wind to be diminished by a small squall. They will be here before and after any peace deal. Even the U.S. rejected rumors that the deal with the Taliban might cut aid to the ANDSF, assuring to defend them now and after any agreement comes out as a result of the talks. They way the ANDSF defend their country, the Afghan masses will stand by their side until the last drop of their blood. It’s the most proper time for a big salute to all the brave Afghan National Defense and Security Forces members who laid down their lives fighting for our nation. In such an important moment, we take the opportunity to express our gratitude and our heartfelt appreciation to our real Heroes for defending the national sovereignty and stand like a lion against the enemies.

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