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Editorial: A dangerous truing point

Afghanistan is in its dangerous turning point. Any heart-wrenching incident can happen and unfortunately it’s happening right now as the flame of deadly war is yet to be extinguished as the proxy and destructive forces continue to kill the innocent Afghans and destroy the infrastructures. The increasingly brutal conflict across the country has left many people displaced and it also combined with an acute humanitarian situation beside multiple human rights abuses. The darkest side of the Afghan war is its state sponsoring the fierce groups. They think of an isolated and crippled Afghanistan. In clear words they want Afghanistan to be descended, forgetting the fact that such a catastrophe would have consequences far beyond the borders of Afghanistan. Theirs today’s proxy forces can turn their sworn enemies tomorrow if it’s not prevented today. But it requires a clear understating at first place following a quick act as the militant outfits emboldened in the wake of foreign troop withdrawal. Since the exit announcement, war in Afghanistan has taken a new turnout and become more deadly and more destructive. The Afghan people have not witnessed such a phase of war in the last 20 years. The Taliban, to whom the US signed a deal, and the Afghan government trying to negotiate, has achieved significant territorial gains in the last three months and is still waging war nationwide. This attempt of the Taliban is clearly in contrast to the peace deal that they agreed not to attack big cities and urban centers. The human toll of this war is extremely distressing, making Afghanistan as the most deadly place for civilians. As the Taliban show no mercy to the civilians, and taking shelter in homes, hospitals, shops, destroying bridges, blocking the roads, and forcefully trying to marry the young girls and widows, this makes a different kind of war alike Syria and Iraq, deliberately attacking urban areas knowingly enormous harm and cause massive civilian casualties. If the Taliban failed to realize and did not use the historic opportunity for peace, it will only prolong Afghanistan’s agony and there will be nothing left to win. Still there is room for peace in the format of ongoing peace process which still seems workable.

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