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Editorial: A dignify peace

In fact, many development and stable countries across the globe once were in turmoil and conflict—a situation that griped Afghanistan since four decades where not end sees in sight. US had reached an agreement with the Taliban to end its longest war and bring its troops back home. The issue worried the Afghan people after discourser of to two secret elements in the agreement, as the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo term it vitally important for the American military. The US-Taliban peace deal is supposed to be followed by intra-Afghan talks, in which the Afghans from all sides will shape their future through political lens. Though, the Afghans hope the deal will put an end to the war, but still there is concern over possible breakdown of the deal, taking the note of current political situation, where the leaders are lacking a monolithic state. Furthermore, the Taliban are hell-bent on releasing their 5,000 fighters as a precondition for intra-Afghan talks – a demand the Afghan government strongly rejected, but did not rule out its possibility once direct Afghan talks be held in Doha. Before further go into prisoner release, other issue which is very much worrying is with the Afghan elites who are not at the same boat in the peace process. But there is still hope for a slightly change in our leaders standpoint and work for a dignify peace. The Afghan government and the Taliban both are at some point have their comprehension, but the way they agreed for partial truce; it doesn’t seem other issues could be much harder. They can reach an agreement that eventually lead to a durable peace. Now it is the time forth both sides to show more flexibility and in an immediate move reduce violence that has been intensified with spike in casualties from both sides. These steps are part of the negotiations which finally pave the ground for a deal. The US and Taliban reached a peace deal after rounds of negotiations and bargaining. The conflicts sides always have their conditions but it doesn’t mean an end to the game. There could be still more conditions, as negotiations are yet to be kicked off between Afghan politicians and Taliban. If the Taliban continue their violence, it means the Taliban are not doing Jihad, rather they are killing innocent Afghan masses as they already said war is ended with Americans. The Taliban time and again said they are fighting against occupation, but it is ended. Both sides are Afghans and it could be crime not Jihad. Time has ripped to embrace each other and bring peace to a country where it is people deserve after long years of war.

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