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Editorial: A firm decision

The government decided to register the religious seminaries located in Kabul, the capital city to prevent the influence of terrorism on the students. The decision, which is a very good move, has been made public recently. The students, teachers and other staff of the seminaries will go through a biometric process which would help in recognition of their nationality and identification. The number of the seminaries has reached over 500 in Kabul alone. Most of the parents are sending their teenage boys to these seminaries in pursue of Islamic teachings and other religious lessons considered fundamental. But, unfortunately, some of these seminaries persuade the students for extremism and terrorism in a variety of ways, and give them wrong ideas under the title of Islamic Rules and Regulation. They are indirectly under the influence of extremist groups, and in many cases, they even recruit fighters for the groups which have been fighting against the Afghan government and its people for a long time. The government investigation has found out that some of these seminaries propagated against the government and urged the students to join the militant ranks. The terrorist groups in many of Islamic countries printed their influence via the religious seminaries, for instance, the Haqqani Seminary, located in Akora-Khatak of our neighboring country, Pakistan. Haqqani seminary has mostly focused on practicing extremism instead of educating religious lessons. Head of the seminary, Yusuf Shah in a gathering proudly named some of his students who have been fighting against the Afghan government under the Taliban command. The government has discovered two seminaries in Bagrami district of Kabul that were propagated against the government and security forces. The decision to biometrically register the students and teachers will be really beneficial in prevention of terrorist influence in the society. Anyways, the biometric process would definitely help the Afghan security institutions to watch the students and teachers of these seminaries, and easily crack on them if they did anything wrong. If any of the students of the seminaries or teachers detained on charge of involvement in the subversive activities, it could also easily identify biometrically. No one can escape from a biometric process that includes the finger print. For example, in a case, a student reported missing on suspicion – the seminary would be the first to be held accountable and provide details about his whereabouts that surely leads to its arrest. It won’t be wrong to say that the decision to register the religious seminaries and its staffs would be considered as a firm first step to counter the terrorism and its influence in Afghanistan.

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