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Editorial: A heart-winning speech

The Afghan masses should stay confident as the country will not unravel into any sort of civil war as the country’s leaders are now mature enough to deal with any type of distasteful incidents. There are some elements who are trying best to prompt gloomy forecasts of an internecine war within government. The rudiments are also making indefatigable efforts to create a scene of fear among Afghan people through huge propaganda. Unfortunately, some media outlets are also playing an eye-catching role in this scene of fear as on Tuesday, they reported inaccurate news, causing panic among Kabul citizens. The news took surface in several well-known media that security forces besieged the First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum’s houses—later it was unfound. All roads and streets leading to Dostum’s house were blocked. Shar-e-Now, Qalai Fathullah, Sherpur and Wazir Akbar Khan were the siege circle. The unparalleled move of the security forces and their abnormal presence in these areas had putted the Kabul resident in an uncertain situation. However, the focal point is that these sieges have taken for security purposes, and all security institutions denied that it was against the first vice president.

To easy the resident’s anxiety, the First Vice President, General Abdul Rashed Dostum, in his long-hour televised speech assured the people that he is not in favor of any crisis. He also comes up with a guarantee that he would not lend weights to any catastrophe even if his blood spelt out. The legacy of crisis is a bitter test. He also called on his supporters that he would never order his forces to act against security forces—even if he receives bullets at his chest. It is not an appreciation declaration. But what he did Tuesday night was a bravery and well-calculated move that has been led into relaxation of Afghan masses that were in deep quandary over the issue. Maybe his speech has earned light attention, but as a matter of fact, he showed his maturity and giving peace and confidence to the hearts of millions of commoners.

At somehow, other politicians should also follow the suite at a critical juncture to prevent anarchy in a fashionable time and manner. Accusing other for your mistakes would lead to nothing. What Dostum is in trouble with the government is not part of the discussion here. This is the duty of the government to see on the matter and inform public of its result. None should be given chance to escape justice. Another realistic step taken by Dostum few years back was when he apologized to the nation on his war crimes during the civil war.

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