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Editorial: A second wave of COVID-19 epidemic looms

Despite being at a low ebb for a while, recent trends in the coronavirus cases herald the deadly virus might once again come back to agonize Afghans. The Ministry of Public Health reported that 125 new Covid-19 cases were detected on Sunday in different parts of the country, taking the nation’s overall tally to 39,044. This indeed is a relatively high figure after the curve was flattened a couple of weeks ago. The total fatalities from the pandemic now stand at 1,444 and recoveries are recorded at 32,576. Meanwhile, globally, the total number of deaths from coronavirus is reported more than 957,037 and the number of known global coronavirus cases is 30,782,337, according to Johns Hopkins University. A second wave hitting Afghanistan cannot be ruled out altogether and thus it’s a threat that the Afghan officials and people should remain cognizant of. This is also confirmed by health officials. There are possibilities of a second wave of the coronavirus to hit the country. Considering the properties of the virus, initial research had earlier predicted that cold weather, seasonal diseases and air pollution were some of the factors that could potentially contribute to a second wave. Meanwhile, it was earlier said that the outbreak is believed to be much higher in winters than the summers and thus chances are that a second wave could be ignited if people and officials overlook the early signs and continue the way they are operating now. Although it might seem that a small uptick in cases won’t be problematic, the possibility of every risk and threat should be allowed for. People should remain careful and do not underestimate the situation because it could turn alarming at any minute. Even though Afghanistan might have some experience and financial resources to tackle a second wave – if it happens – but it would possibly be dangerous and deadlier the previous one. One reason could be that most businesses, educational centers, and service organizations, which were shut for a few months, have reopened and people won’t be easily willing to close them down once again in the wake of a second wave.

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