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Editorial: A shameless act of terror

The brutal killing of Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad, known as Khasha Zwan, sent shock waves not only inside Afghanistan but around the world. The incident happened in Kandahar and visual evidence exists, showing Taliban fighters not only arrest and humiliate him, but insult and slap him in the face then shoot him dead and hug his body from a tree. Photo of his dead body surrounded by his children and wife is heartbreaking. Indeed, a slap in the face of Khasha is a slap in the face of all Afghans and an insult to humanity and human dignity. His killing also describes the brutal nature of the enemies of this land with culture, art, and liberty. No Afghans will ever forget this slap. This is not the first, but Taliban insurgents attack our colleague Abdul Wahed Qazizada, in most secure area 3 to 5 kilometer away form office related to US embassy as well as the embassies of Saudia Arabia and India. The incident took place at an early morning after he left the newspaper office to take the paper to the mentioned embassies. On his way to the embassies, three gunmen opened fire at his car after he refused to stop as they raised hand to him. Three bullets broke the glasses of his car and he was slightly injured. It’s a clear act of aggression and brutality against innocent Afghan and media, still the Taliban are trying to convince the Afghans not to be afraid of them. After watching the injustice and brutality, why should anyone not fear the Taliban – they are a destructive force. Coverage of bombings by the Taliban, and revealing their atrocities, their killings, were something that the Taliban were more scared of journalists than the Afghan forces. The Taliban can do anything if that voice is shut, and if that voice is muted. Such inhuman behavior of the Taliban fighters is nothing but to further strengthen unity among the Afghans. Today, Afghans around the country from Badakhshan to Herat and from Nangarhar to Bamyan are standing in solidarity with the Kandahar people in such a tense time. The more they kill and shut media the more we get united and one day will take the revenge and clear out our motherland from this virus called Taliban and other militants who are acting against Islamic teaching and principle while calming to be adhering the holy Islam. They are just an illiterate group that have been brainwashed by some so called Mullahs in Pakistani madrassas. They are not familiar even with basic teachings of Islam. Taliban has been exposed now, and the Afghans will not repeat the same blunders and never ever allow these destructive forces to take Afghanistan into the dark era. Despite the Taliban blowing up the infrastructure and continuing killing the innocent Afghans, still there is room for peace and the Afghans are ready to accept them for the sake of peace. Already they are welcomed to join the Afghan society through a reconciliation process. The Taliban must stop following their masters blindly, and think what they will get in return for killing an Afghan innocent comedian.

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