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Editorial: Abdication of leadership

On Wednesday, we faced another sad reality—abdication of leadership. The immense incompetence and carelessness is speaking for itself louder than before. Mismanagement has caused a heartbreaking incident of stampede that broke out among the Afghan masses who gathered at a stadium in Jalalabad city to get visas for Pakistan trip. This painful incident left 12 women dead. We don’t know how the high-ranking government officials feel after seeing this distressing footage. We can’t blame anyone but the government officials this time. This signals an abdication of leadership. The deadly incident happened as tens of thousands of people tried to get visas on the first day of resumed visa services. Pakistan embassy in Kabul expressed condolences for the “tragedy” and hinted that the visa applicants were organized by the Afghan provincial authorities. Indeed, it was a very big mismanagement, and the scenario rings terrifying bells of our dependence on Pakistan for our medical needs. Afghans are traveling to Pakistan for medical treatment in the face of Afghanistan minimal healthcare facilities as the country recently eased its pandemic restrictions. Afghanistan has failed to establish a proper medical center in nearly 20 years. What a shame, none other than ourselves did this to us. Instead of hiding our own failures, Kabul elites should not blame Pakistan for this mess-up this time. It is utterly our own fault and killed our own 12 compatriots. But it doesn’t mean there are no professional doctors inside the country, but the problem is with the modern facilities to meet the need and easy Afghans health dilemma, and stop their inflow to the neighboring countries. Medical stuff is a waste without having facilities. Corrupt officials, and flout anti-corruption campaigns with mere slogans on corruption eradication, have failed to manage to make a decent hospital despite flowing tens of billions of dollars. Still, there is time and we could overcome this problem by focusing on and improving medical system.  

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