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Editorial: Abdullah is under severe pressures

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a veteran politician and current Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation, is under harsh criticisms over his failure to form reconciliation council. It has been for over one year that this body is yet to be completed. The essential task of this body is to provide direction for the already fragile peace process. At a time when the ongoing peace process is the only way left to create sustained and lasting peace, making progress in Doha is critical to stop deadly war in the country. But without the council, how it would be possible to carry the talks forward. Inclusivity of the council is very much important, especially considering key role of women. Representatives of all other minorities and other groups are also essential for the success of the peace process. This body which is designated to provide guidance to the peace negotiations will definitely play an important role if its members are elected independently and merit-based. In addition to political leaders, a diverse membership representing women’s groups, war victims, religious minorities, youth and civil society organizations is a must to ensure everyone’s inclusion for the sake of justice and reaching a durable peace. Realizing its importance, Dr. Abdullah has yet to form this body, while continuing his foreign travel as part of peace efforts and regional consensus. All focus and priority should be upon completion of the body instead of fruitless foreign tours. Its’ key to have regional support, but homework is still to be done. Though, the reconciliation council promised to announce the 46-member council’s formation, but yet to know when. As progress was announced over an agreement between the Afghan peace team and the Taliban negotiating members on the rules and procedures in Doha, it’s imperative for Dr. Abdullah to immediately form the council. This is indeed a significant step to move forward and end this war. This is indeed, a reflection to the common resolve from both sides to secure a negotiated settlement, and it has been welcomed by the Afghan leaders as a goodwill gesture toward real progress in the whole process leading to a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

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