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Editorial: Accelerating peace efforts

Amidst commencing of four-days consultative Loya Jirga at Kabul, Islamabad also remain hub of high level talks and meetings on the long standing issue of Afghanistan. Beside the two neighboring countries ministerial level talks, the United States Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad along with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, South and Central Asia, Alice G. Wells met with high ranking Pakistani authorities as part of regular consultations on bilateral relationship and Afghan peace process. In both the meetings, the participants have held thread bare discussion on Afghan issue, especially on ways and means to settle for ever the long standing. The US envoys have briefed the Pakistani authorities about the peace process whereas US assured pulling its troops out of Afghanistan whenever resisting Taliban declare ceasefire and assure durable resolution to conflict through peaceful and political means. Likewise, President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Prof. Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf in addressed before the four days consultative Loya Jirga assured of a positive role in the peace efforts as they reminded all of the countrymen have been made fed up by prolonged violence and hostilities in the motherland. Beside former President Hamid Karzai who didn’t attend the Loya Jirga, others included Dr. Abdullah, Dr. Haneef Atmar, Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar, Pir Syed Hamid Gillani and others who boycotted also favoring resolution of the conflict and reconciliation with Taliban. Now all have realized the fact that certain regional and neighboring countries wants to settle own scores through Taliban in Afghanistan and for the purpose, they are creating hurdles before the US peace efforts. Amongst these regional and neighboring countries, Pakistan is on top. The Director General of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), an affiliated body of armed forces Monday said that now peace return in Afghanistan and the Afghan Refugees residing in Pakistan must go. Similarly, at the same time, the ISPR DG has leveled serious allegations an indigenously organized Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM), accusing its leaders of playing in hands of Afghanistan government. The Afghan government and people are denying such allegations and time and again made it clear of didn’t allowing any one to use its soil against any country. But unfortunately the civil-military establishment for camouflaging its own misdeeds and its forces and spy agencies brutalities against the civilians, especially against Pakhtoons are leveling similar allegations against all those who are raising voice for just constitutional, legal, lawful and political rights. These allegations are not new for the Pakhtoons. Instead of blaming other countries Pakistan needs to put own house in order and in according to leading politicians and political parties it must stop meddling in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Whenever Pakistan’s civil and military establishment re-visit its policies towards neighboring and regional countries, world would see a peaceful atmosphere and an end to terrorism and extremism in each and every corner. At the same time, the Russian government has shown resentment over cancellation of intra Afghan dialogue scheduled at Doha Qatar on April 19-21, 2019 and held the Afghan government responsible for it. Russia says they regret this decision of the organizers because this intra-Afghan format has proved to be the most promising communications channel between various political forces in Afghanistan, including the current Government and representatives of the armed opposition represented by the Taliban. With all this ups and downs, one thing is much more visible that some circles inside and outside the country are hell-bent on sabotaging peace process that must be stopped.

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