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Editorial: Advantages of Safety Measures

To bring into account the fact that around 70 percent of the Afghans are living under the poverty line, there should be no space for any sorts of unpleasant incidents to bring them financial damages. Last Saturday, a mass fire was ignited in Islam Qala business port in the eastern Herat province. The fire inflicted millions of dollars losses to the traders, drivers and people who invested there. The disappointment is that the damages would have been highly low if the government had controlled the incident at its first place. But unfortunately, the fire lasted for more than 48 hours and dragged the Iranian fire extinguisher teams to the scene to help extinguish the fire. It was purportedly started with the ignition of a single gas tank and went on burning hundreds of other tanks – all of them full of fuel. The scene of the incident looked like a massive explosion. Such incidents inflict damages to a country in a variety of ways. Many people lose jobs or perhaps many others are unable to reestablish the investment. And it does affect the government, if it seeks to pay for the financial losses of the people suffered in the incident as part of the interaction contracts between the government and private sectors. Afghanistan typically depends on foreign aids to maintain its security system, financial affairs and other fields of the country’s infrastructure. These incidents are not rare in the world – many countries have witnessed the incidents that concluded massive financial cuts. But it is not as often as it is in Afghanistan or it is not as harmful as it is in Afghanistan. In 2019, a mass fire in Mandavi areas of capital Kabul inflicted heavy financial damages to the people. Prior to that, several similar incidents occurred. Unfortunately, the majority of active organizations in our country lack standard-safety measures. And our government also doesn’t pay attention to this challenge. Somehow, culturally or officially, safety is the last option to care about, despite the fact that it may even pose human losses. The government still sans standard fire extinguisher teams or the rescue teams to actively work in an emergency situation. To prevail or even to prevent such incidents, the government and non-government organizations should take safety seriously. This will be in advantage of protecting the staffers in the working environment and will also prevent the damages to the organization. The government should bring the private sectors under standard procedures to apply safety measures. It can also launch a safety campaign to aware people about the benefits of safety measures and warned them of the consequences indicated of being careless in a working environment.

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