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Editorial: Afghan masses at crossfire

The massacre of more than 40 innocent women and children which was carried out recently by the Taliban militants in Sar-i-Pul province, has made the Afghan people and government deeply saddened. This inhuman act of terrorism and genocide of Afghan masses by Taliban indeed is a war crime and open violation to human rights which is being widely condemned from every hook and corner of the country and abroad. The Afghan people through print, electronic and social media expressed their hatred against terrorist outfits and their foreign masters. Reacting to the barbarism of Taliban the Afghan government informed that militants have changed their war strategy by targeting women, children, foreign embassies and holy places like mosques after they lost courage and capability to face the patriotic Afghan security and defense forces. A large number of political and civil society activists called on the US-led NATO member countries not to remain as silent spectators over the ongoing genocide of Afghan masses, safe sanctuaries of terrorism outside Afghanistan and the terror sponsor states that fueling war in a bid to destabilize Afghanistan and to undermine US-led NATO mission. Keeping this in view, the unbearable ratio of sacrifices by Afghan security forces and Afghan masses as a result of burning flames of terrorism and undeclared war against Afghanistan by some hostile neighbors, sentiments of Afghan people and their rendering sacrifices have to be met with result-oriented consideration by taking decisive and punitive  measures against all terror groups. However, peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region would be a dream as long as terrorists including the notorious Haqqani network enjoying safe havens, training centers and breeding nurseries in various parts of Pakistan and other hostile neighboring countries. Being a frontline state, the Afghan security and defense forces are bravely chasing insurgency in mountains and valleys across the country and rendering highest level of sacrifices. Let me to remind that combating terrorism is not the only responsibility of Afghanistan, who is facing lack of defense resources and latest technology. Afghanistan has been entered into a security agreement with Unites States which demands required responsibilities in fight against terrorism and joint enemies. Are the Taliban not joint enemy? Is fueling war in Afghanistan, harboring terrorist outfits and undermining US-led NATO mission not enmity to Kabul and Washington plus the rest of democratic and peaceful world? Indeed it is—the faces and aims of our joint enemies had been exposed earlier. Time has ripe to bring them into the court of justice which calls for comprehensive strategy and countering narrative. The Afghan government continuously urged the international community to address and counter the sanctuaries of terrorism and terror sponsor states. Similarly, the US high-ranking officials repeatedly pointed out that Taliban and other terrorist groups have safe bases in Pakistan, but they are still reluctant to start crackdown against it for being harboring and exporting terrorism. Is it not strange? Suggestion for the Afghan government is to gear up its domestic and diplomatic efforts for achieving support of common people and international community against the terrorist groups and their foreign masters.

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