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Editorial: Afghan women yet to get rights

The women of Afghanistan are also celebrating the Universal Women Day at the time when they are mourning losses of their nears and dears. With every passing day violent and terror acts are rising in the already war devastated Afghanistan. Amidst threats to their and children lives, the Afghan women are deserving appreciation for their heroic role in democratic process and other economic activities from last two decades. Even thousands of them have abandoned luxurious lives in western and European countries and returned to the country with a view of helping in rehabilitation, repatriation and reconstruction of war stricken motherland. But later with the passage of time they were made disappointed when the Afghan government and US led allies had failed in materializing of its promises and commitments regarding ensuring durable peace and ending to every sort of hostilities. No one can deny the fact that situation was on improving till 2009 but later on disturbed. However, former President Hamid Karzai had handled the situation till 2004. And after empowering of unity government, the situation turned turtle, and the militants with help of external financiers and sponsors have resumed their acts, based on hostilities and violence. Beside the old militants calling with different names, a new phenomenon of DAESH also emerged, thus plunging the already war-destroyed motherland into a new era of bloodshed. Majority of the affected are no other than women who are losing their sons, husbands, brothers, fathers and other close relatives. Not only thousands but lakhs of women throughout Afghanistan are now breadless and they are unable to feed children. No one neglect failure of UN, US and other international organs for honouring its promises and commitments with the war affected Afghans, especially women. Majority of these women are now worried about survival of children. These orphans are even unable to get the education-declared genuine right by the UN and other global organs. Still millions of countrymen mostly women are scattered throughout the world, and majority of them are living in neighbouring Pakistan. These people have lost the refugees rights and now depending either on gifts-money from their relatives or hard works like construction and agriculture. Thousands of Afghan children living in Pakistan and other countries are hunting for fortunes and livelihood sources in garbage. There is no health. There is no education and there is no proper living infrastructure for these people. Even the Afghan women married in Pakistan are being deprived of nationality rights in according to UN charters. These women are also compelled to reach in Kabul Jalalabad or in Kandahar for the renewal of Pakistani visa. Now when the women of developed, progressive, prosperous and peaceful world are celebrating March 8 as their Rights day, they needs to realize their responsibilities regarding plights of Afghanistan women-who are desirous for return of peace and tranquility in motherland for the better future of nears and dears.

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