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Editorial: Afghanistan should be away from regional rivalries

The US president imposed new sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran this week, a move based on which governments and international companies are banned from holding trade affairs with Tehran.

The sanction has been imposed again after a three-year long lull that former US president had lifted after negotiations that convinced Iranian officials to stop nuclear activities and uranium enrichment.

Afghanistan and Iran have long business relations and Tehran is one of the largest economic partners for the businessmen of Afghanistan. Besides that, the two countries are neighboring and have several common things such as language, religion and culture. It hosted more than two millions of Afghan refugees during the jihad years, while it was engaged in a war itself and had lots of problems.

Also the United States of America is our great strategic ally. The US largely contributed in the fight against Taliban and then the reconstruction process of the war-ravaged country. The US people and government donated billions of dollars to us to rebuild our infrastructures and superstructures. The US soldiers gave sacrifices in the war on terror in Afghanistan, and the appreciative people of Afghanistan will never forget their friendly assistances.

The people of Afghanistan appreciate these two friendly nations for their helps during our bad days. We want to maintain and extend our friendly relationships with the two great countries and do not want to lose any of them.

So, the people of Afghanistan will not be happy that the rivalries between Tehran and Washington put negative impacts on their relations with any of these states. Afghanistan is going to stand on its own feet economically and does not want to be burden on the shoulders of donating nations anymore.

We hope that the US sanctions will not hurt the Afghan-Iran trade relations and we can enjoy this relationship just like the past. As a landlocked country, Afghanistan needs the neighboring countries’ ports to sea and Iran’s Chabahar is a very reasonable one for our traders to send their goods to international markets.

Besides, Iranian products have their customers in Afghanistan as our products have their markets in Iranian cities.

The people of Afghanistan who have always shouted for peace, call on the great states of Iran and the US to solve their problems through dialogues and put an end to hostilities. In this place, we make efforts to maintain our relations with Iran as well as the United States.

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