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Editorial: Afghanistan in dilemma due to weak leadership

The Taliban militants are rapidly gaining territories one after another in lightning advances and are getting close to the capital Kabul which homes President Ghani and his team.

Within just one week, the Taliban managed to capture 18 provincial capitals (the insurgents took control of Zaranj city center of Nimroz province as the first provincial capital last Friday), after seizing more than 200 districts since May 1 when President Joe Biden of the United States of America announced the withdrawal of his troops by end of August.

Ghani administration remains as spectator of losing more ground, while the people are not aware what will happen to them. Parks, streets and other public places in Kabul are nowadays full of poor people who have been displaced from their homes in flames of heavy gun battles in different provinces especially in the north and northeastern areas.

Almost everyone blames the government leadership for mismanagement, poor governance and even a secret and treacherous deal made by government leaders on their fate.

The fact is that the leadership of government was not interested in peace with playing different games just to stay in power for a few more years. Analysts and those monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, believe that a small circle surrounding Ghani as his close allies and trustable advisers always tried to distract him from peace efforts. They say that Ghani’s aides continued to mislead him even when Taliban began seizing grounds after the United States announced troop withdrawal and did not let the peace effort give fruit.

What the suffering people of Afghanistan are facing now is all the result of carelessness by the government to the real situation on the ground. If the president who is called by Westerners as one of a few thinkers in the world, thinks that he still has chance to maintain the republic system, he should come out of silence, otherwise how long should this nation give sacrifices?

The country is in a fully dilemma and people don’t know what they should do to save their families.

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