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Editorial: Afghans defeat enemies by unity

Some residents of Kabul city gathered Friday at the Imam Zaman grand mosque and performed the Eid-ul-Adha prayer together. The prayer that was performed in the tight queues and behind the same mullah was actually a measure to send the message of unity and solidarity to those who are trying to create a rift among the people of Afghanistan that they (Afghan people) both Shiites and Sunnis are all brothers and sisters and the like a single fist that knuckle the aliens.

Though there has been no difference between Shiite and Sunni mosques in this country along history since Shiites perform prayers in the Sunni mosques and Sunnis go to Shiite mosques for prayers, while there are big hostilities in some other countries in the region. But this Eid prayer was a unique act especially after the Imam Zaman mosque came under attack by the anti-Islamic terror group of Daesh who martyred and injured scores of innocent people including defenseless women and children just days before the Eid festival.

The other good news was that people spent the three days of Eid in a calm situation and thanks God, no attack threatened them to visit relatives and friends. In this point, the government did well and we are especially grateful to our brave army, police and intelligence forces that kept the enemies of their people too far to destabilize the happiness of the Eid days. They were stationed at the gates of the mosques and other sacred places and did not celebrate Eid with their families and dear ones so that their brothers and sisters celebrate without security concerns.

This could be a great lesson for our enemies in abroad that the people of Afghanistan have been living like brothers in the past, they live like brothers in present and will continue living the same in the future, and following different Islamic sects does not overshadow their unity and brotherhood. So, our hostiles and the obstinate will never reach their inauspicious goals to divide Afghans by targeting this sect, ethnicity and tribe, or that one if we are aware and remain a single body of nation.

Once again, thanks to the security forces for taking tight security measures during the days of the Eid! While they needed to be home along with their family members just like other people, they stayed on duty that really deserves appreciation.

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