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Editorial: Afghans in Syria

The government is not moving in the direction which had been sketched by the leaders during their presidential campaigns in 2014. Things are becoming worst and the authorities are facing new challenges that are beyond their capacity and knowledge to address. The promises that the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders have made had not been fulfilled. Trust of public in the NUG had eroded so fast that even the policymakers are in shock. In the past two years, the government would have also some achievements but when compared to the failures the former becomes just a myth—no more known to the common people.

Poverty, injustice, insecurity and nepotism have forced thousands of Afghans to leave the country in search of better future. Those who left the country knew the risks. The risks of leaving the country and crossing the barren mountains and deserts were great but not greater when compared to staying in the country because death is more certain here. For the Afghan immigrants death outside Afghanistan comes with certain benefits—at least that is what they believe. Several have lost their lives and some succeeded in reaching their destination. They may look insane. But on the contrary, they are using their logic to deal with the harsh realities of their life.

Fading hopes are forcing them to abandon their ancestral land. The former and current leaders and high-ranking officials made several requests to stop people from leaving the country. However, their words had no weight and effect, because they are responsible for the current situation. They never tried sincerely to develop the country and work for welfare of the general masses. They always knocked on the door where plans of Afghanistan’s destruction are hatched. The leaders praise those who are supporting them and speak ill of those who do not provide perks and privileges. Our neighboring countries are no exception. Some of our neighbors acknowledge that peace is essential in Afghanistan for their stability but yet they stab Kabul in the back.

Some of our neighbors say that they share common language, history and culture with Afghans and call the latter brothers but yet they send these brothers to other countries to fight their proxy war. It is happening right under the nose of our government. For long our neighbors kept dodging the international community on the realities but things have become clearer.

Recently a video has been posted on social media showing Afghans recruited by Iran and killed in Syria. It is just a drop in the ocean. There are around 20,000 Afghans in Syria.  The government should take serious notice of the issue; otherwise, we shall prepare ourselves for more problems but this time of serious nature.

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