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Editorial: Afghans need unity more than any other time

The disagreement among the senior authorities has made people concerned of their present and future life as they see their leaders verbally confronting each other.

Though, differences and disagreements have a long history and were actually born among the jihadi leaders on running the government after they entered Kabul by the fall of Dr. Najibullah’s government, which led the country to another part of war, but people felt a hope of calmness and better life when the US-led invasion in late 2001 overthrew the Taliban’s government and helped in forming a democratic state in which every Afghan could see himself/herself.

But it seems that the inauspicious phenomenon of disagreement is going to once again threaten people’s life. The recent statements by the first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum and some other statesmen that have distrust color, reminds the people of the bitter 1990s memoirs.

General Dostum who is away from capital for a long time, accused the president and chief executive of nepotism, inability and luxuriousness.

The response of president’s office to the accusations was kind of retaliatory in which people considered some verbal fighting between the first and second individuals of the country.

At a time that the nation faces scores of domestic and foreign problems, unfortunately, the leaders cannot work together for the solution.

We are in a proxy war that is imposed by our close neighboring country as well as other regional powers.

The Taliban have become more powerful than they were ever, threatening and even taking provincial capitals and districts, besides committing bombings and suicide attacks.

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group is emerging as another threat against the security by recruiting the youth and killing people (the very new attack was the abduction and killing of more than 30 civilians in Ghor province).

People in the big cities are threatened by armed robberies and nobody has the courage of investment. Economic situation is worsening day by day that causes another migration influx.

The poor nation sacrifices in voting for the persons who cannot overcome the worthless differences and solve their easy problems.

These with tens of others are the major problems that need a hard work together. Our motherland is in general a ruin and expects its sons to rebuild it. This is our duty to reconstruct our homeland and present a built, secure and developed country to the next generations.

Therefore, the nation needs a tight unity than ever to show the world that different tribes and ethnicities with different languages and religious beliefs can live together in the same house.

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