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Editorial: Afghans’ requests from new US government

Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday amid lots of demands from his administration both inside America and outside the country. He needs to meet these requests to correct what his predecessor Donald Trump could not or did not want to. One of these demands is the problems that Afghanistan has been facing since long time ago when a US-led invasion caused the collapse of Taliban and helped for a democratic government in late 2001.

Unfortunately, the situation in the country already suffering two decades of war did not change towards positive and the previous three leaders in Washington failed to fulfill their promises and commitments to the people of Afghanistan. The first and most important thing for the people of Afghanistan is a lasting peace, but we want a dignified peace in which all human rights are observed, not a deal between two sides that ignore what the suffering people of Afghanistan want and need. Peace for the people of Afghanistan does not only mean a truce that deprives them from all of their rights of education, healthcare and outside jobs for men and women. The US former government unfortunately was ignoring what the people of Afghanistan want as the main part of their deal with the Taliban militants and that’s now the insurgents are not ready to even listen to the demands of Afghan delegation in the ongoing intra-Afghan negotiations on peace. This militants’ stupidity and arrogance is due to opportunities were given to them by the US officials. The Trump representatives encouraged them with false titles while a few years ago Washington used to behave them as terrorists.

This is Biden now to make decision how to deal with the fate of the people of Afghanistan. If he wants to follow Trump’s path in ending the US longest war by withdrawing soldiers from Afghanistan, he is asked to do it very cautiously and should not keep deaf and blind to the demands of Afghans. This should not be the principle to get sure that Afghanistan would not be used by terrorist groups against the US interests. Biden and his government should assure the international community that terrorist groups would not be a threat for Afghanistan and its people too. Otherwise, war will be aflame and Afghans will be the victims of a meaningless war and the United States will be rebuked by history.  

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