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Editorial: Afghans scrambling with extreme cold winter

The Afghan people are severely affected by the ravages of long-time conflict in a variety of ways. The war has not only killed or maimed the people of our country, but also put economical, social and constructional damages. In many parts of the country, people lack access to food, potable water and other basic needs of their life. With the US intervention to Afghanistan – the start of international community’s donation to the country, initially there was optimism to solving these challenges but deepest administrative corruption didn’t let the implementation of the schemes made to fight poverty and other top problems that the Afghans have been facing with. A recent report of an International Human Rights Organization, Save the Children said that more than 300,000 Afghan children face severe cold conditions in the winter season in Afghanistan which could possibly lead to illness and death. Many of these children live among families who are displaced because of the relentless conflicts across the country. They set tents living away from their homes and bear a tough life. They don’t have any source of income since most of them previously received it from farming or gardening. On the other hand, the average level of the daily needs go uptick as people need more facilities to keep their homes warm.   

A number of the humanitarian organizations provided donations to some of these families, but they still suffered from toughest problems. The government unfortunately has not paid any satisfied effort to solve their problems. President Ashraf Ghani recently ordered the establishment of a “National Budget Box” for people to help families who live under the poverty line. The surveys of the humanitarian organizations showed that nearly 70 percent of the population lives under poverty. The Afghan youths, who contribute 60 percent of the Afghanistan population, are struggling with joblessness. The United Nation Population Fund reported that four million youths would be added to the bank of jobless people within the next five years. The Afghan government failed to recruit the international companies, factories and provide a market to create job opportunities for its people. To overcome poverty, the government should ensure a tighten security in the country and pave the ground for the companies, foreign investment that can lead to an increase in employment and job opportunities. The increase in employment would even help the displaced families to make a better settlement away from conflicts – they would not be forced to live hard lives in tents.

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