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Editorial: Afghans voted

The Afghan masses on Saturday exercised their democratic rights and voted in the 4th presidential elections to elect their new president. They once again reaffirmed their firm commitment to democracy. Polling centers were open across Afghanistan as the residents brave all-out Taliban threat. This is indeed a matter of pride for the Afghans who voted despite knowing the fact of threat posed by Taliban militants. The group called on Afghans to stay at home as they warned to attack polling centers where people vote. But this threat did not stop the Afghans from voting. So far there is no clue about number of voters, but it was an impressive to see Afghans braved Taliban repeated threats and casted their ballots which is a big slap on the face of Taliban. This is a big win for the Afghans despite low turnout. The Afghans voted as they never want backlashes. They want to go ahead and practice democracy in a through means. Afghans suffering through one of the most violent periods in its recent history. At least 68 security incidents occurred across the country. So far the nature of these incidents yet to known, but it seems that were not too deadly to sabotage the election process. Surely, the credit goes to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) who did not sleep in these days to provide a safer environment for the Afghans to vote. They (ANDSF) are true sons of this soil, and the nation proud of them. But the Independent Election Commission (IEC) at somehow preformed weak. Based on reports, over 4,000 complaints have message to media outlet. These complaints came during voting. Some voters can’t cast vote in the same stickers they voted in parliamentary election. However, according to electoral body, 99.8 percent employees of IEC were present, 96 percent of centers had election materials, 98.9 percent of centers used biometric system on election day and 98 percent of polling center were remained open. This is a very optimistic views which is in contrast of what the voters revealed. Even IEC chief congratulated the historic day, and said it was one of good election ever since 18 years. Anyway, the polls closed and vote counting beings. Polling station tallies will likely start trickling from tomorrow. But the preliminary results not expected for days, likely for months. The biggest concern is when the IEC announce the result of election, which is very difficult to have ultimate winner instead could loom into a big headache. Already some candidates talked about fraud, saying the result is not acceptable. Electoral bodies must now faithfully fulfill their obligations to ensure the vote reflects the will of the people.

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