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Editorial: in the aftermath of offering concessions to Taliban

Resurgence of militancy is about to throw the country out of gear. The government’s proposition of concessions to the Taliban is backfiring, as the terrorism-induced havoc is shattering the foundation of this war-torn country. The tactic of battle has changed and Afghanistan is facing a brutal and boundless war.

The political stalemate perhaps should be the least of our worries, as the virus of Taliban persists with aggravating momentum. As the country is grappling with the saga of peace and reconciliation, the militant movements have been mobilizing with the support of unscrupulous elements in Pakistan and accessorizing to wage a war of massive scale against Afghan security forces and civilians.

The Taliban’s rebound should come as no surprise. Pessimism and chagrin has quickly dissipated as violence is more aggravating and, no surprise, less declining. A degree of fury from those often at the receiving end of rebel atrocities and constant fiascos of their government is gaining momentum.

Categorically, this is no guarantee that Taliban’s ideology would be tamed even if they bow down to the concessionary offers set forth and join political system within Afghanistan. They don’t want power or become a subordinate; rather they are in pursuit of totalitarianism, despotism and non-democratic system of governance. What they pursue contradicts what expect them to pursue.

With their highly extremist ideologies and astray interpretations, they seem to turn any peace concession down. Moreover, they are scapegoats on payroll of foreigners – to counter-balance the hegemony of one another inside the geopolitically important land-locked Afghanistan. Stakeholders in Afghanistan might need to come terms with the fact that the Taliban would construe the leniency of our politicians a conflict of their interests and an Achilles’ heel.

Misperceptions have occupied their brain and they continue to have assurances from their patrons who are funding them. It is a general demand of all Afghans that the Taliban be contained through heightened intelligence tactics, not receding them a scale of appeasement and concession. They should be deterred not feted and conceded. Their unruly doctrine has brought fatal consequences.

If the leading reconciliation apparatus is abortive, a possibility can be entertained that the entire peace process might be misled and must be halted immediately. The pseudo reconciliation with the Taliban has miscarried and yielded no result. Instead, the frequency and scope of militant attacks leveled up as their war masters and commanders are sporadically unchained from incarcerations and mistakenly they continue to receive the mystique of a formidable force on whom the future of Afghanistan hinges. Taliban hold a grudge against democracy and would do anything to form their own self-styled government. Reconciling with the hardliner Taliban is a wild goose chase as they would never stop being intransigent. Those militant leaders who think that they could deceive the Afghan government on the pretext of joining reconciliation process should languish in jails and those still at large must be slain for good. Doors of peace process should be opened only for those who are serious to embrace peace.

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