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Editorial: In the aftermath of Taliban’s rebound

Resurgence of militancy is about to throw the country out of gear. The government’s standpoint against the Taliban has not only backfired but emboldened the insurgent movement. The Taliban-friendly dogma of the government – to cede certain regions in the south to the Taliban to persuade them to abandon war – is shattering the foundation of this war-torn country. The election stalemate perhaps should be the least of our worries. We should be wary of the resurrection of the Taliban under the auspices of the government. As the country is grappling with the saga of electoral dispute, the militant movements mobilized their forces and with the support of unscrupulous elements in Pakistan accessorized to wage a stealthy war. The Taliban’s rebound should come as no surprise. An abrupt resurgence of militancy can be construed as a direct implication of political surreptitiousness which has also ensued public cynicism. A degree of fury from those often at the receiving end of rebel atrocities and constant fiascos of their government is gaining momentum. Pessimism and chagrin quickly dissipated in the aftermath of a probability of providing the Taliban regions to start their recognized political existence; but it is rather interpreted as an opportunity for the militant group to get stronger both strategically and militarily.

Ceding regions to Taliban under an elusive and vague reconciliation program is tantamount to cannibalization of Afghanistan. Despite its troubled past, Afghanistan has never faced a potential secessionist movement, although certain elements are now peddling agendas that threaten that stability.

Afghanistan has been in a whirl of unfettered political instability. We have found ourselves on a sticky wicket as strategy wonks are steering the country towards destabilization and a permanent unbound instability. The war-shattered country suffers from high-pressure and time-constrained situations that need nonchaotic and scrupulous leadership.

The pseudo reconciliation and temporary ceasefire with the Taliban has miscarried and yielded no result. Instead, the frequency and scope of militant attacks persists. Taliban hold a grudge against democracy and would do anything undesirable to form their self-styled government. Reconciling with the hardliner Taliban is fairy tale as they would never stop being intransigent. Those militant leaders who think that they could deceive the Afghan government on the pretext of joining reconciliation process should languish in jails and those still at large must be slain for good. Doors of peace process should be opened only for those who are serious to embrace peace.

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